Japanese Speaking Parents Association
of Children with Challenges

c/o Little Tokyo Service Center
231 E. Third Street, G-106, Los Angeles, CA 90013
web site: http://www.jspacc.org
e-mail: info@jspacc.org

Started by a small group of Japanese speaking parents in 1994 as the Japanese Speaking Parents Association of Children with Challenges(JSPACC), the main purpose of the organization is to assist the parents and families of children with special needs in the Japanese-speaking community. Primary among the activities is the exchange of information regarding available services and programs through regularly scheduled meetings, seminars, e-mails and newsletters. Through related groups, JSPACC has access to a variety of professional speakers, consultants and referral information.
The association has more than 200 families and professionals enrolled and currently has approximately 100 active members. The organization has also established formal by-laws and distributes a newsletter to members, educators, related medical specialists and assistance organizations. Activities of the JSPACC are supported by the Little Tokyo Service Center.

Also ‘Japanese Resource Book: from parents to parents’ (300pages) published by the association in 1998 introduces the public service system for children/people with special needs in California and helps parents to understand and access those services.
In 2003, Japanese translation of ‘Special Education Rights and Responsibilities (8th Edition rev. Feb.2000) by Community Alliance for Special Education (CASE) and Protection and Advocacy, Inc. (PAI) was distributed to the members. This legal publication in Japanese helps parents to advocate their child in educational services. This publication is now available to members on our website.

Some of the various topics discussed or presented at the monthly general meetings in the past were:

  • Challenges for families with children with special needs
  • Available services from the Regional Centers
  • Vision and brain development
  • Principles of Homeopathy and application for children with special needs
  • Laws and regulations for advocacy of children with special needs
  • Sex education for children with disabilities
  • Available services for children with special needs for independence and job training
  • Estate planning and Special Needs Trust

One of our goals is to expand the outreach in the Japanese-speaking community to provide assistance to more families of children with special needs. At the same time, solicit assistance from the community to enable the expansion of the services offered by the association. For further information regarding the JSPACC, visit www.jspacc.org or contact

Connie Yamada 213-505-2801
Mariko Magami 818-625-5115